Nuclear Links

- Research Institutes -


Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute - KURRI

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute - JAERI

Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute - JNC


Argonne National Laboratory - ANL

Brook Haven National Laboratory - BNL

Los Alamos National Laboratory - LANL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - ORNL

- Nuclear Society and Commission of Japan -

Atomic Energy Society of Japan - AESJ

American Nuclear Society - ANS

European Nuclear Society - ENS

Nuclear Commission of Japan

Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan - NSC

- Search -

ScienceDirect Homepage

JAERI Nuclear Data Center

- International Organizations -

International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA

Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD - OECD/NEA

International Energy Agency of OECD - OECD/IAE

- Nuclear Engineering Journals -

Annals of Nuclear Energy

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Nuclear Technology

- International Conferences / Meetings -

ND2001- Int. Conf. on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology (2001.10.7 - 10.12 Tsukuba, Japan)

PHYSOR2002 - Int. Conf. on the New Frontiers Nuclear Technology (2002.10.7 - 10.10 Seoul, Korea)

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