Papers Proceedings List(2012)



1 2011年東北地方太平洋沖地震の震源のモデル化
日本地震工学会論文集 13(No.2) 75~87 2012
2 2-Nitroimidazole-tricarbocyanine conjugate as a near-infrared fluorescent probe for in vivo imaging of tumor hypoxia.
K. Okuda、 Y. Okabe、 T. Kadonosono、 T. Ueno、 B. G. Youssif、 S. Kizaka-Kondoh and H. Nagasawa
Bioconjug. Chem. 23 324~329 2012
3 A detailed biochemical characterization of phosphopantothenate synthetase -a novel enzyme involved in coenzyme A biosynthesis in the Archaea-
T. Ishibashi H. Tomita Y. Yokooji T. Morikita B. Watanabe J. Hiratake A. Kishimoto A. Kita K. Miki T. Imanaka and H. Atomi
Extremophiles 16 819~828 2012
4 A P39R mutation at the N-terminal domain of human αB-crystallin regulates its oligomeric state and chaperone-like activity.
Numoto N、 Kita A、 Fujii N and Miki K.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 425 601~606 2012
5 A rapid comprehensive LC-MS based survey of the Asp isomers in crystallins from human cataract lenses.
Norihiko Fujii 、 Hiroakai Sakaue、 Hiroshi Sasaki and Noriko Fujii.
J Biol. Chem. 287 39992~40002 2012
6 A Rapid、 Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)-based Survey of the Asp Isomers in Crystallins from Human Cataract Lenses
Fujii、 Norihiko; Sakaue、 Hiroaki; Sasaki、 Hiroshi; Fujii、 Noriko
7 Ab Initio Calculation of the Zn Isotope Effect in Phosphates、 Citrates、 and Malates and Applications to Plants and Soil
Toshiyuki FUJII and Francis ALBARÈDE
PLoS ONE 7(2) 30726 2012
8 Abnormal protein aggregation due to the presence of D-aspartyl residues in cataractous lenses
Noriko Fujii、 Norihiko Fujii and Masaaki Sugiyama
Trans. Mat. Res. Soc. Japan 37 131~134 2012
9 An early survey of the radioactive contamination of soil due to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident、 with emphasis on plutonium analysis
M. Yamamoto、 T. Takada、 S. Nagao、 A. T. Koike、 K. Shimada、 M. Hoshi、 K. Zhumadilov、 T. Shima、 M. Fukuoka、 T. Imanaka、 S. Endo、 A. Sakaguchi、 S. Kimura.
. Geochemical Journal 46 341~353 2012
10 An in situ Mö;ssbauer study using synchrotron radiation
R. Masuda、 T. Mitsui、 K. Itoh、 K. Sakaki、 H. Enoki、 Y. Nakamura、 M. Seto
11 Analysis of D-β-aspartyl isomers at specific sites in proteins.
Noriko Fujii and Norihiko Fujii
Methods Mol Biol. 794 325~335 2012
12 Analysis of Integral Experiment on Erbia-loaded Thermal Spectrum Cores using Kyoto University Critical Assembly by MCNP Code with Various Cross Section Libraries、
Y. Tur、 T. Endo、 A. Yamamoto、
J. Nucl. Sci. Technol.、 49[10]、 pp. 1028-1041 (2012). 2012
13 Apparent formation constants of Pu(IV) and Th(IV) with humic acids determined by solvent extraction method
T. Sasaki、 S. Aoyama、 H. Yoshida、 Y. Kulyako、 M. Samsonov、 T. Kobayashi、 I. Takagi、 B. Miyasoedov、 H. Moriyama
Radiochimica Acta 100 737 2012
14 Application of Aerosol Formation to Radiation Dosimetry in High-Dose Radiation Fields
Osada N.、 Oki Y.、 Yamasaki K.、 Shibata S.
Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology Vol.3 90~93 2012
15 Application of Multi-Target to the Accelerator-Driven System Experiments in the Kyoto University Critical Assembly
C. H. Pyeon、 T. Yagi and T. Misawa
Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc. 107 1029~1031 2012
16 Axial Ligand Effects on Vibrational Dynamics of Iron in Heme Carbonyl Studied by Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy
T. Ohta、 J.-G. Liu、 M. Saito、 Y. Kobayashi、 Y. Yoda、 M. Seto、 and Y. Naruta
J. Phys. Chem. B 116 13831~13838 2012
17 Biological Evaluation of Dodecaborate-Containing L‑Amino Acids for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
Y. Hattori、 S. Kusaka、 M. Mukumoto、 K. Uehara、 T. Asano、 M. Suzuki、 S. Masunaga、 K. Ono、 S. Tanimori、 M. Kirihata
J. Med. Chem. 55 6980 2012
18 Boron Tracedrugs Challenge for Neutron Dynamic Therapy
H. Hori、Y. Uto and E. Nakata
Anticancer Res. 32 2235~2239 2012
19 Characteristic Local Association of In Impurities Dispersed in ZnO
W. Sato、 S. Komatsuda、 and Y. Ohkubo
Phys. Rev. B 86 235209 2012
20 Characterization of an antibody that recognizes peptides containing D-b-aspartyl residues.
Kenzo Aki、 Norihiko Fujii、 Takeshi Saito and Noriko Fujii
Molecular Vision 18 996~1003 2012
21 Cheap educational materials for understanding radiation
Hidehito Nakamura、 Yoshiyuki Shirakawa、 Sentaro Takahashi、 Toshiya Yamano、 Yusuke Kobayashi、 Ryuta Hazama、 Chihiro Takagi and Osamu Hasebe
Physics Education 47 17~18 2012
22 Chronic exposure to low frequency noise at moderate levels causes impaired balance in mice.
Tamura H、 Ohgami N、 Yajima I、 Iida M、 Ohgami K、 Fujii N、 Itabe H、 Kusudo T、 Yamashita H、 Kato M.
PLoS One e39807 7 2012
23 Colloid formation rates of radionuclides produced from Cu foils in water bombarded with 120-GeV protons
H. Matsumura、 S. Sekimoto、 H. Yashima、 A. Toyoda、 Y. Kasugai、 N. Matsuda、 K. Oishi、 K. Bessho、 Y. Sakamoto、 H. Nakashima、 D. Boehnlein、 G. Lauten、 A. Leveling、 N. Mokhov、 K. Vaziri
Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology 3 127~130 2012
24 Co-localisation of advanced glycation end products and D-β-aspartic acid-containing proteins in gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy. 
Kaji Y、 Oshika T、 Takazawa Y、 Fukayama M、 Fujii N.
Br. J. Ophthalmol. 96 1127~1131 2012
25 Comparison of stable isotopes、 ratios of 36Cl/Cl and 129I/127I in brine and deep groundwater from the Pacific coastal region and the Eastern Margin of the Japan Sea
Y. Mahara、 T. Ohta、 T. Tokunaga、 H. Matsuzaki、 E. Nakata、 Y. Miyamoto、 Y. Mizuochi、 T. Tashiro、 M. Ono、 T. Igarashi、 K. Nagao
Applied Geochem.  Volume 27、 Issue 12、 December 2012、 Pages 2389-2402. 2012
26 Conceptual Design of Multi-Targets for Accelerator-Driven System Experiments with 100 MeV Protons
Y. Takahashi、 T. Azuma、 T. Nishio、 T. Yagi、 C. H. Pyeon and T. Misawa
Ann. Nucl. Energy 54 162~166 2012
27 Cross-Power Spectral Analysis between Beam Current and Neutron Detection Signals for a Thermal Accelarator-Driven System
A.Sakon、 K.Hashimoto、 C.H.Pyeon
Trans.Am.Nucl.Soc.、 Vol.107、 pp.1032-1034 (2012) 2012
28 Crystal structure and cyclic properties of hydrogen absorption-desorption in Pr2MgNi9
K. Iwase、 N. Terashita、 K. Mori、 S. Tsunokake、 T. Ishigaki
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 37 18095~18100 2012
29 Crystal structure of GdNi3 with superlattice alloy and its hydrogen absorption-desorption property
K. Iwase、 K. Mori、 A. Hoshikawa、 T. Ishigaki
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 37 15170~15174 2012
30 Current status of boron neutron capture therapy of high grade gliomas and recurrent head and neck cancer.
Barth RF、 Vicente MG、 Harling OK、 Kiger WS 3rd、 Riley KJ、 Binns PJ、 Wagner FM、 Suzuki M、 Aihara T、 Kato I、 Kawabata S
Radiat Oncol. 7 146 2012
31 Defect Structures before Steady-State Void Growth in Austenitic Stainless Steels
T. Yoshiie、 K. Sato、 X. Cao、 Q. Xu、 M. Horiki and T.D. Troev
J. Nucl. Mater. 429 185~189 2012
32 Demonstration of focusing by a neutron accelerator
Yasushi Arimoto、 Peter Gertenbort、 Sohei Imajo、 Yoshihisa Iwashita、 Masaaki Kitaguchi、 Yoshichika Seki、 Hirohiko M. Shimizu、 Tamaki Yoshioka、
Phys. Rev. A、 86 (2012) 023843. 2012
33 Demonstration of optical thickness measurement using multilayer cold neutron interferometer
Y.Seki、J.Uda、H.Funahashi、M.Kitaguchi、M.Hino、 Y.Otake、 K.Taketani、 H.M.Shimizu
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 340, 012039 1~5 2012
34 Depression of p53-independent Akt survival signals in human oral cancer cells bearing mutated p53 gene after exposure to high-LET radiation.
Nakagawa Y、 Takahashi A、 Kajihara A、 Yamakawa N、 Imai Y、 Ota I、 Okamoto N、 Mori E、 Noda T、 Furusawa Y、 Kirita T、 Ohnishi T.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 423(4) 654~660 2012
35 Design of a dedicated beamline for THz coherent synchrotron radiation at UVSOR-III
S. Kimura、 E. Nakamura、 K. Imura1、 M. Hosaka、 T. Takahashi and M. Katoh
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 359 12009 2012
36 Determination of Apparent Formation Constants of Eu(III) with Humic Substances by Ion Selective Liquid Membrane Electrode
T. Sasaki、 H. Yoshida、 T. Kobayashi、 I. Takagi、 H. Moriyama
American J. of Analytical Chemistry 3 462~469 2012
37 Determination of trace amount of nickel in cosmic spherules by photon activation analysis
S. Sekimoto、 K. Hirose、 M. Takimoto、 T Ohtsuki and S. Shibata
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 291 457~459 2012
38 Developing Structure of Two-Phase Flow in a Large Diameter Pipe at Low Liquid Flow Rate
X. Shen、 T. Hibiki、 H. Nakamura
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 34 70~84 2012
39 Development of a Fiber-optic Cerenkov Radiation Sensor to Verify Spent Fuel: Characterization of the Cerenkov Radiation Generated from an Optical Fiber
K. W. Jang、 W. J. Yoo、 S. H. Shin、 K. T. Han、 B. Lee、 C. H. Pyeon、 T. Misawa、 Y. H. Ji、 S. Cho and B. G. Park
J. Korean Phys. Soc. 61 1704~1708 2012
40 Development of a Hypoxia-Selective Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Non-invasive Tumor Imaging.
B.G. Youssif、 K. Okuda、 T. Kadonosono、O.I. Salem、 A.A. Hayallah、 M.A. Hussein、 S. Kizaka-Kondoh and H. Nagasawa
Chem. Pharm. Bull. 60 402~407 2012
41 Development of a new calibration method of neutron dosimeters using pulsed white neutron sources
T. Matsumoto、 H. Harano、 A. Masuda、 J. Nishiyama、 J. Hori
KEK proceedings 2011 218~225 2012
42 Development of a Scanning Near-Field Sub-THz-Wave Microscopy with Coherent Transition Radiation
T. Takahashi、 T. Iizuka、 T. Mori、 and S. Kimura
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 359 12016 2012
43 Development of advanced materials for spallation neutron sources and radiation damage simulation based on multi-scale models
Kawai、 Masayoshi; Kurishita、 Hiroaki; Kokawa、 Hiroyuki; Watanabe、 Seiichi; Sakaguchi、 Norihito; Kikuchi、 Kenji; Saito、 Shigeru; Yoshiie、 Toshimasa; Iwase、 Hiroshi; Ito、 Takahiro; Hashimoto、 Satoshi; Kaneko、 Yoshihisa; Futakawa、 Masatoshi; Ishino、 Shiori
44 Development of epithermal neutron camera based on resonance-energy-filtered imaging with GEM
H. Tomita、 C. Shoda、 J. Kawarabayashi、 T. Matsumoto、 J. Hori、 S. Uno、 M. Shoji、 T. Uchida、 N. Fukumoto、 T. Iguchi
Journal of Instrumentation 7 2012
45 Development of Erbia-Credit Super-High-Burnup Fuel: Evaluation of Minimum Erbia Content for Criticality Safety Analyses
Masatoshi Yamasaki、 Hironobu Unesaki、 Akio Yamamoto、 Toshikazu Takeda、 Masaaki Mori
Nuclear Technology Vol. 180 18~27 2012
46 Development of fluorescence-labeled boron lipid: liposome formation and in vitro and in vivo imaging
N. Ueda、 H. Koganei、 M. Ueno、 S. Tachikawa、 M. Suzuki、 K. Ono、 H. Nakamura
Progress in Drug Delivery System XXI、 68-73 (2012). 2012
47 Development of Longitudinal-Gradient Magnet for Time Focusing of Ultra-Cold Neutron With Anisotropic Inter-Pole
Y.Arimoto、 Y.Iwashita、 T.Yoshioka、 M.Kitaguchi、 S.Imajo、 H.M.Shimizu、 K.Asahi、 T.Ino、 Y.Kamiya、 K.Mishima、 S.Muto、 K.Sakai、 T.Shima、 K.Taketani、 S.Yamashita、 A.Yoshimi、
IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond.、 22 (2012) 4500704. 2012
48 Development of polystyrene-based scintillation materials and its mechanisms
Hidehito Nakamura、 Hisashi Kitamura、 Osamu Shinji、 Katashi Saito、 Yoshiyuki Shirakawa and Sentaro Takahashi
Applied Physics Letters 101 261110 2012
49 Differences in the dose-volume metrics with heterogeneity correction status and its influence on local control in stereotactic body radiation therapy for lung cancer
N. Ueki、 Y. Matsuo、 K. Shibuya、 M. Nakamura、 M. Narabayashi、 K. Sakanaka、 Y. Norihisa、 T. Mizowaki、 M. Hiraoka
J Radiat Res. 54(2) 337~343 2012
50 Direct interactions between Z-DNA and alkaline earth cations、 discovered in the presence of high concentrations of MgCl2 and CaCl2
Toshiyuki Chatake、 Tomoko Sunami
J. Inorg. Chem. 124 15~25 2012
51 Direct Observation of Supercooled Water in Mortar Materials by Quasi-elasitic Neutron Scattering
K. Mori、 K. Iwase、 M. Sugiyama、 T. Fukunaga、 O. Yamamuro
Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn. 37 139~142 2012
52 Discovery of a novel class of potent human deoxyuridine triphosphatase inhibitors remarkably enhancing the antitumor activity of thymidylate synthase inhibitors.
S. Miyahara、 H. Miyakoshi、 T. Yokogawa、 K.T. Chong、 J. Taguchi、 T. Muto、 K. Endoh、 W. Yano、 T. Wakasa、 H. Ueno、 Y. Takao、 A. Fujioka、 A. Hashimoto、 K. Itou、 K. Yamamura、 M. Nomura、 H. Nagasawa、 S. Shuto and M. Fukuoka
J. Med. Chem. 55 2970~2980 2012
53 Discovery of highly potent human deoxyuridine triphosphatase inhibitors based on the conformation restriction strategy.
S. Miyahara、 H. Miyakoshi、 T. Yokogawa、 K.T. Chong 、 J. Taguchi、 T. Muto、 K. Endoh、 W. Yano、 T. Wakasa、 H. Ueno、 Y. Takao、 A. Fujioka、 A. Hashimoto、 K. Itou、 K. Yamamura、 M. Nomura、 H. Nagasawa、 S. Shuto and M. Fukuoka
J. Med. Chem. 55 5483~96 2012
54 Dose-Volume Metrics Associated With Radiation Pneumonitis After Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy For Lung Cancer
Y. Matsuo、 K. Shibuya、 M. Nakamura、 M. Narabayashi、 K. Sakanaka、 N. Ueki、 K. Miyagi、 Y. Norihisa、 T. Mizowaki、 Y. Nagata、 M. Hiraoka
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 83(4) e545~e549 2012
55 Dosimetric evaluation of the impacts of different heterogeneity correction algorithms on target doses in stereotactic body radiation therapy for lung tumors
M. Narabayashi、 T. Mizowaki、 Y. Matsuo、 M. Nakamura、 K. Takayama、 Y. Norihisa、 K. Sakanaka、 M. Hiraoka
J Radiat Res. 53(5) 777~784 2012
Imanaka、 Tetsuji; Endo、 Satoru; Sugai、 Masuro; Ozawa、 Shoji; Shizuma、 Kiyoshi; Yamamoto、 Masayoshi
HEALTH PHYSICS 102 680~●686 2012
57 Early radiation survey of the Iitate Village heavily contaminated by the Fukushima Daiichi accident、 conducted on March 28th and 29th、 2011
T. Imanaka、 S. Endo、 M. Sugai、 S. Ozawa、 K. Shizuma、 M. Yamamoto.
Health Physics 102 680~686 2012
58 Effect of bevacizumab treatment on p-boronophenylalanine distribution in murine tumor.
Liu Y,Suzuki M,Masunaga S,Chen YW,Kashino G,Tanaka H,Sakurai Y,Kirihata M and Ono K
J Radiat Res 54(2) 260~267 2012
59 Effect of Carbon on Hydrogen Behaviour in Tungsten: First-Principle Calculations
X.D. Ou、 L.Q. Shi、 K. Sato、 Q. Xu and Y.X. Wang
Nucl. Fusion 52 123003 2012
60 Effects of Alloying Elements on Thermal Desorption of Helium in Ni Alloys
Q. Xu、 X.Z. Cato、 K. Sato and T. Yoshiie
J. Nucl. Mater. 431 57~59 2012
Miyatake、 S.; Kawabata、 S.; Hiramatsu、 R.; Hirota、 Y.; Kuroiwa、 T.; Ono、 K.
NEURO-ONCOLOGY 14 69~●69 2012
62 Effects of preparation temperature on swelling and mechanical properties of PVA cast gels
Otsuka、 Emiko; Komiya、 Shin; Sasaki、 Saori; Xing、 Jiawen; Bando、 Yujiro; Hirashima、 Yumiko; Sugiyama、 Masaaki; Suzuki、 Atsushi
SOFT MATTER 8 8129~●8136 2012
63 Electrochemical Deposition of Uranium Oxide in Highly Concentrated Calcium Chloride
Akihiro UEHARA、 Osamu SHIRAI、 Toshiyuki FUJII、 Takayuki NAGAI、 and Hajimu YAMANA
J. Appl. Electrochem. 42(6) 455~461 2012
64 Electromotive Force Measurement of Lanthanides in Liquid Lead
T. Maruyama、 K. Uda、 K. Moritani、 T. Sasaki、 H. Moriyama
J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. 49 466~471 2012
65 Emission Probabilities of Some Intense Prompt γ Rays of 24Na、 28Al、 52V、 56Mn、 60Co、 142Pr、 187W and 198Au with Thermal Neutron Capture Determined Using γ Rays Following β Decay
M. Shibata、 I. Miyazaki、 H. Hayashi、 A. Tojo、 M. Furuta、 Y. Kojima、 A. Taniguchi、 K. Kawade
Annuals of Nuclear Energy 43 106~113 2012
66 Estimation of beta-ray skin dose from exposure to fission fallout from the Hiroshima atomic bomb
Satoru Endo、 Kenichi Tanaka、 Kiyoshi Shizuma、 Masaharu Hoshi、 Tetsuji Imanaka
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 149 84~90 2012
67 Evaluating the usefulness of a novel 10B-carrier conjugated with cyclic RGD peptide in boron neutron capture therapy、
S. Masunaga、 S. Kimura、 T. Harada、 K. Okuda、 Y. Sakurai、 H. Tanaka、 M. Suzuki、 N. Kondo、 A. Maruhashi、 H. Nagasawa and K. Ono
World J. Oncol. 3 103~112 2012
68 Fe2+-Based Layered Porous Coordination Polymers and Soft Encapsulation of Guests via Redox Activity
Satoshi Horike、 Masayuki Sugimoto、 Kanokwan Kongpatpanich、 Yuh Hijikata、 Munehiro Inukai、 Daiki Umeyama、 Shinji Kitao、 Makoto Seto、 Susumu Kitagawa
J. Mater. Chem. A 1 3675~3679 2012
69 Fission cross-section measurements of 237Np、 242mAm、 and 245Cm with lead slowing-down neutron spectrometer
K. Hirose、 T. Ohtsuki、 Y. Shibasaki、 N. Iwasa、 J. Hori、 S. Sekimoto、 K. Takamiya、 H. Yashima、 K. Nishio、 Y. Kiyanagi
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 49 1057~1066 2012
70 Fission cross-section measurements of Np-237、 Am-242m、 and Cm-245 with lead slowing- down neutron spectrometer
Hirose、 Kentaro; Ohtsuki、 Tsutomu; Shibasaki、 Yoshinobu; Iwasa、 Naohito; Hori、 Jun-ichi; Sekimoto、 Shun; Takamiya、 Koichi; Yashima、 Hiroshi; Nishio、 Katsuhisa; Kiyanagi、 Yoshiaki
71 Flexible enantioselectivity of tryptophanase attributable to benzene ring in heterocyclic moiety of D-tryptophan
Akihiko Shimada and Haruka Ozaki
Life 2 215~228 2012
72 Fluorine Mass Balance in Electrolytic Degradation of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate in Aqueous Solution
A. Hashiguchi、 M. Yoneda、 Y. Fujikawa、 H. Ozaki、 S. Taniguchi、 R. R. Giri、 K. Yasuda、 T. Takata
International Journal of PIXE 23 153~169 2012
73 Galectin-7 and actin are components of amyloid deposit of localized cutaneous amyloidosis.
Miura、 Yoshinori; Harumiya、 Satoru; Ono、 Koji; Fujimoto、 Eita; Akiyama、 Minoru; Fujii、 Noriko; Kawano、 Hiroo; Wachi、 Hiroshi; Tajima、 Shingo.
Experimental Dermatology 22 36~40 2012
74 Grazing-incidence synchrotron-radiation Fe-57-Mossbauer spectroscopy using a nuclear Bragg monochromator and its application to the study of magnetic thin films
Mitsui、 Takaya; Masuda、 Ryo; Seto、 Makoto; Suharyadi、 Edi; Mibu、 Ko
75 Hydration properties and compressive strength development of Low Hear Cement
K. Mori、 T. Fukunaga、 M. Sugiyama、 K. Iwase、 K. Oishi、 O. Yamamuro
J. Phys. Chem. Solids 73 1274~1277 2012
76 Hydrogenation and structural properties of Gd2Ni7 with superlattice structure
K. Iwase、 K. Mori、 A. Hoshikawa、 T. Ishigaki
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 37 5122~5127 2012
77 Impact of Employing 10B-Carriers and Manipulating Intratumor Hypoxia in terms of Local Tumor Response and Lung Metastatic Potential in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.
Masunaga S,Sakurai Y,Tanaka H,Suzuki M,Kondo N,Maruhashi A and Ono K
Radiother Oncol (suppl 1) 102(2) 3~4 2012
78 Irradiation Effects on Thermal Diffusivity and Positron Annihilation Lifetime in Ceramics Induced by Neutron and 30 MeV Electron
M. Akiyoshi、 H. Tsuchida、 I. Takagi、 T. Yoshiie、 Q. Xu、 K. Sato and T. Yano
J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. 49 595~601 2012
Shizuma、 Kiyoshi; Endo、 Satoru; Fujikawa、 Yoko
HEALTH PHYSICS 102 154~●160 2012
80 Kinetics of isomerization and inversion of aspartate 58 of alpha A-crystallin peptide mimics under physiological conditions.
Kenzo Aki、 Norihiko Fujii and Noriko Fujii
PLoS One e58515 doi:10.1371 8 2012
81 Low-temperature neutron irradiation tests of superconducting magnet materials using reactor neutrons at KUR
M. Yoshida、 T. Nakamoto、 T. Ogitsu、 Q. Xu、 T. Itahashi、 Y. Kuno、 Y. Kuriyama、 Y. Mori、 B. Qin、 A. Sato、 K. Sato、 T. Yoshiie
Advanceds in Cryogenic Engineering 58 167~173 2012
82 Möossbauer Study of the SmFe2 Hydride through 149Sm and 57Fe
R. Masuda、 T. Mitsui、 K. Itoh、 Y. Kobayashi、 S. Kitao、 and M. Seto
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 81 034714~● 2012
83 Magnetic Compton Scattering and Mossbauer Studies of an Itinerant Ferromagnet UFe2
Tsutsui、 Satoshi; Itou、 Masayoshi; Sakurai、 Yoshiharu; Kobayashi、 Yasuhiro; Nakada、 Masami; Haga、 Yoshinori; Yamamoto、 Etsuji; Yamagami、 Hiroshi; Nasu、 Saburo; Onuki、 Yoshichika
84 Measurement of soil contamination by radionuclides due to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident and associated cumulative external dose estimation
S. Endo、 S. Kimura、 T. Takatsuji、 K. Nanasawa、 T. Imanaka、 K. Shizuma、
J. Environm. Radioact. 111、 18-27、 2012. 2012
85 Measurement of soil contamination by radionuclides due to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident and associated estimated cumulative external dose estimation Original Research Article.
S. Endo、 S. Kimura、 T. Takatsuji、 K. Nanasawa、 T. Imanaka、 K. Shizuma、
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 111 18~27 2012
86 Measurements and Monte Carlo calculations of forward-angle secondary-neutron-production cross-sections for 137 and 200 MeV proton-induced reactions in carbon
Iwamoto、 Yosuke; Hagiwara、 Masayuki; Matsumoto、 Tetsuro; Masuda、 Akihiko; Iwase、 Hiroshi; Yashima、 Hiroshi; Shima、 Tatsushi; Tamii、 Atsushi; Nakamura、 Takashi
87 Modulation of Spin-Crossover Behavior in an Elongated and Flexible Hofmann-Type Porous Coordination Polymer
Ryo Ohtani、 Masashi Arai、 Akihiro Hori、 Masaki Takata、 Shinji Kitao、 Makoto Seto、 Susumu Kitagawa、 Masaaki Ohba
J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym. Mater. 23 104~110 2012
88 Monte Carlo Algorithm for Buckling Search and Neutron Leakage-corrected Calculations
T. Yamamoto
Ann.Nucl.Energy 47 14~20 2012
89 Monte Carlo Method with Complex Weight for Neutron Leakage-corrected Calculations and Anisotropic Diffusion Coefficient Generations
T. Yamamoto
Ann.Nucl.Energy 50 141~149 2012
90 Neutron radiography on tubular flow reactor for hydrothermal synthesis: In situ monitoring of mixing behavior of supercritical water and room-temperature water
S. Takami、 K. Sugioka、 T. Tsukada、 T. Adschiri、 K. Sugimoto、 N. Takenaka、 Y. Saito
J. Supercritical Fluids 63 46~51 2012
91 Neutron scattering studies of Ti-Cr-V bcc alloy with the residual hydrogen and deuterium
K. Mori、 K. Iwase、 M. Sugiyama、 M. Kofu、 O. Yamamuro、 Y. Onodera、 T. Otomo and T. Fukunaga
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 340 12103 2012
92 Neutron-capture cross-sections of 244Cm and 246Cm measured with an array of large germanium detectors in the ANNRI at J-PARC/MLF
A. Kimura、 T. Fujii、 S. Fukutani、 K. Furutaka、 S. Goko、 K. Y. Hara、 H. Harada、 K. Hirose、 J. Hori、 M. Igashira、 T. Kamiyama、 T. Katabuchi、 T. Kin、 K. Kino、 F. Kitatani、 Y. Kiyanagi、 M. Koizumi、 M. Mizumoto、 S. Nakamura、 M. Ohta、 M. Oshima、 K. Takamiya、 Y. Toh
J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. 49 708~724 2012
93 Neutron-capture cross-sections of Cm-244 and Cm-246 measured with an array of large germanium detectors in the ANNRI at J-PARC/MLF
Kimura、 Atsushi; Fujii、 Toshiyuki; Fukutani、 Satoshi; Furutaka、 Kazuyoshi; Goko、 Shinji; Hara、 Kaoru Y.; Harada、 Hideo; Hirose、 Kentaro; Hori、 Jun-ichi; Igashira、 Masayuki; Kamiyama、 Takashi; Katabuchi、 Tatsuya; Kin、 Tadahiro; Kino、 Koichi; Kitatani、 Fumito; Kiyanagi、 Yoshiaki; Koizumi、 Mitsuo; Mizumoto、 Motoharu; Nakamura、 Shoji; Ohta、 Masayuki; Oshima、 Masumi; Takamiya、 Koichi; Toh、 Yosuke
94 New dating method: Groundwater residence time estimated from the He-4 accumulation rate calibrated by using cosmogenic and subsurface-produced Cl-36
Mahara、 Y.; Ohta、 T.; Kubota、 T.; Miyakawa、 K.; Hasegawa、 T.; Habermehl、 M. A.; Fifield、 L. K.
Miyatake、 S.; Yoritsune、 E.; Furuse、 M.; Miyata、 T.; Nonoguchi、 N.; Kawabata、 S.; Kuroiwa、 T.; Kuwabara、 H.; Masunaga、 S.; Ono、 K.
NEURO-ONCOLOGY 14 90~●90 2012
96 Nucleation of He Bubbles in Amorphous FeBSi alloy irradiated with He ions
Q. Xu、 K. Sato and T. Yoshiie
Phil. Mag. Lett. 92 527~533 2012
97 One-dimensional interfacial area transport of vertical upward bubbly flow in narrow rectangular channel
X.Shen、 T. Hibiki、 T. Ono、 K. Sato、 K. Mishima
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 36 72~82 2012
98 Pharmacokinetic Study and In Vivo Cancer Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Based on Core-Polymerized and Boron-Conjugated Micelles、
Shogo Sumitani、 Motoi Oishi、 Tatsuya Yaguchi、 Hiroki Murotani、 Yukichi Horiguchi、 Minoru Suzuki、 Koji Ono、 Hironobu Yanagie、 Yukio Nagasaki
Biomaterials、 Volume 33、 Issue 13、 May 2012、 3568–3577(DOI:10.1016/j.biomaterials.2012.01.039) 2012
99 Pharmacokinetics of core-polymerized、 boron-conjugated micelles designed for boron neutron capture therapy for cancer.
Sumitani S、 Oishi M、 Yaguchi T、 Murotani H、 Horiguchi Y、 Suzuki M、 Ono K、 Yanagie H、 Nagasaki Y.
Biomaterials. 33 3568~3577 2012
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 PET journal 8 11~13 2012
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藤川陽子、 ポール ルータス、 谷外司
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増永慎一郎、松本孔貴、平山亮一、櫻井良憲、田中浩基、鵜澤玲子、鈴木 実、近藤夏子、楢林正流、丸橋 晃、小野公二
癌の臨床 (Jpn J Cancer Clin) in press 2012
147 天草陶石村山脈五層採掘場の堆積岩のフィッション・トラック年代
フィッション・トラック ニュースレター 25 50~53 2012
148 土壌抽出液中鉛の簡易測定における誤差の原因検討 -超音波ネブライザ‐ICP発光分光法とボルタンメトリ法の比較から
米田大輔、 藤川陽子、Paul Lewtas、濱崎竜英、菅原正孝、尾崎博明
環境技術 41(4) 235~242 2012
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脳神経外科ジャーナルvol21:No.6:472-479、 2012 2012
150 半導体機器の中性子γ線混合照射による損傷
放射線防護医療8 、47-50、 2012. 2012
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保健物理 47 282~285 2012
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地学雑誌 121 96~117 2012


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Kyoto、 Japan 2012
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Sendai, JAPAN 569~576 2012
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H. Unesaki, T. Misawa, C. Pyeon, T. Sano, Y. Takahashi, K. Nakajima
Warsaw, Poland 2012
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Zurich, Switerland 67~68 2012
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Beppu Japan 1~10 2012
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Dubrovnik, Croatia 2012
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60 Present Status of Research Reactor and Future Prospects
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Kumatori, Osaka 2012
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Hisasshi Umekawa Takeyuki Ami Shoto Fujiyoshi(D) Yashushi Saito(KURRI)
75 2012
62 Qualitatively measurement of void fraction under oscillatory flow condition
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Kymamoto, Japan 0 2012
63 Quantitative analysis of chromosomal clustered DNA damage in cultured cells irradiated by heavy particle beams.
0 2012
64 Radiation measurement in the East Japan with a GM-tube detector after the Fukushima nuclear accident
Takumi KUBOTA, Tomoko OHTA, and Yasunori MAHARA
Kyoto、 Japan 0 2012
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Boston,USA 666 2012
66 Rapid Analysis of the Isomers of Individual Asp residues in Lens Crystallins from Elderly Donors Using LC-MS.
Noriko Fujii
Suzhou, 0 2012
67 Reactor Physics Experiment Course using Kyoto University Research Reactor
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Bangkok, Thailand 0 2012
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Tsukuba 0 2012
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Tsukuba 0 2012
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Berlin, Germany 158~158 2012
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Kona、 Hawaii 0 2012
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Lisbon 4506 2012
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Satoshi Harada, Katsuhiro Kamae, Hidenori Kawabe & Hirotoshi Uebayashi
Lisbon 1008 2012
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Berlin, 193~193 2012
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Beijing 1142~1144 2012
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San Diego, CA, USA 648~651 2012
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Vienna, Austria 0 2012
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Dalian, China 333 2012
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Nara、 JAPAN 47 2012
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Nara, Japan 125~128 2012
87 Thailand’s Security of Energy Supply: Import Dependency Vulnerability Assessment
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Bangkok, Thailand 57~63 2012
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Marrakesh, Morocco 0 2012
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Hiroaki Sakaue, Norihiko Fujii and Noriko Fujii
Berlin, Germany 198~198 2012
90 Thermal stability of a [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin from Cyanidioschyzon merolae can be modified by a single amino acid substitution
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Sevilla Spain 0 2012
K. Ninagawa, A. Jyoike, M. Kato, N. Imae, and H. Kojima.
0 2012
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Tsukuba 0 2012
93 Tumor-targeting and boron neutron capture therapy by using biodegradable polyamines conjugated with boron clusters
Québec City, Canada 0 2012
94 Usefulness of combined treatment with continuous tirapazamine administration and mild temperature hyperthermia in gamma-ray irradiation, referring to lung metastatic potential.
Masunaga S,Sakurai Y,Tanaka H,Suzuki M,Kondo N,Narabayashi M,Maruhashi A,Ono K
Kyoto 0 2012
95 ガンマ線照射環境下における水中金属材料の溶出・コロイド生成挙動の解析
高エネルギー加速器研究機構、つくば 283~289 2012
96 ホウ素中性子捕捉療法(BNCT)後の腫瘍縮小速度
神谷伸彦, 森田倫正, 粟飯原輝人, 小野公二, 平塚純一
東京 247 2012