Nuclear Material Control


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The activities of this laboratory are focused on optimum control and use of nuclear materials and development of innovative nuclear energy system to solve future energy issues. The current research subjects include:

  1. Study on innovative nuclear energy system with high potential on non- proliferation and nuclear material saving.
  2. Study on energy policy issues, with special emphasis on the role of nuclear energy.
  3. Study on nuclear material transportation, safeguards and physical protection methodology.

This laboratory is related to the Department of Socio-Environmental Energy Science (Energy Policy), Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University.
Most of the studies conducted in this laboratory are made from the viewpoint of socio-technological interest, which we believe is inevitable for discussing the role of nuclear materials as energy resource today and in the future.
As practical studies based on the above mentioned themes, the following items are performed with collaboration with Office of Nuclear Material Management:

  1. Regulatory guidance for the receipt/shipment, use and storage of nuclear material.
  2. Education and training on the handling of nuclear material.
  3. Actual management including physical protection and transportation measures concerning nuclear material.
  4. Enrichment reduction and removal methodology of the high enriched nuclear fuel for research and test reactors.
  5. Cooperation with the IAEA inspections.

Gamma-Ray Spectra of High Enriched Uranium (HEU) and Low Enriched Uranium (LEU)
Gamma-Ray Spectra of High Enriched Uranium (HEU) and Low Enriched Uranium (LEU)