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About Researches in Our Lab

In order to contribute to the development of cancer treatment, we are carrying out basic research in biology, bioscience and medical science focusing on BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) that have been conducted at KURNS (Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University). Some researchers in the field of engineering or chemistry are carrying out the study of biological matter at KURNS. Therefore, we are working positively to collaborate with them to launch a new research project.

Our research topics are DNA repair and intracellular mechanism, evaluation of cancer treatment by detecting the susceptibility of solid tumor cells, influence on distant metastases by treatment of local tumor, screening for new BNCT compounds, damages on normal tissue evaluated in terms of radiation biology at radiotherapy including BNCT, and so forth. Our department also collaborates with the chair of both Graduate Schools of Science and Medicine, Kyoto University. Our department belongs to Division of Radiation Life and Medical Sciences, and our research topics have a close relationship with a real BNCT performed at our institute. Thus, researchers at our department can be present as a real witness at BNCT. Further, since our institute is one of the national joint use research institutions, joint use research projects can be relatively easily organized and researchers at our department can easily collaborate with the joint use research projects. >>> More infomation

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■ Method for detecting the pulmonary metastatic potential