Hybrid Nuclear System

Associate Professor

  • ISHI, Yoshihiro, (concurrently)

Assistant Professors

  • UESUGI, Tomonori, (concurrently)
  • KURIYAMA, Yasutoshi, (concurrently)

Main subject of this laboratory is to develop an intense proton and neutron source based on the FFAG accelerator complex for fundamental research works of accelerator-driven system (ADS) and also for various accelerator related scientific applications. The accelerator based on FFAG principle has a unique feature to utilize non-linear magnetic fields effectively, which is quite different from the ordinary accelerators. Non-linear beam dynamics, thus, is one of the most interesting subject in this type of accelerator. Various noble accelerator ideas and technologies based on FFAG principle such as ionization beam cooling, which could be useful for intense neutron source, are also under development.In March of 2009, the world first ADS experiment has been successfully carried out with the FFAG proton accelerator.

Figure: FFAG accelerator complex at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute.