Particle Radiation Oncology


  • SUZUKI, Minoru e-mail: msuzuki<atmark>

Assistant Professors

  • KONDO, Natsuko e-mail: nkondo<atmark>
  • TAMARI, Yuki e-mail: tanari<atmark>
  • WATANABE, Tsubasa e-mail: tsuwata<atmark>

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Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) has a unique feature which can deliver tumor-cell selective heavy-particle irradiation (Fig.1, 2).   This feature makes BNCT possible to deal with patients suffering from malignant tumors that are refractory to conventional radiotherapy and particle radiotherapy (Fig. 3). Since 1990, reactor-based BNCT (RB-BNCT) greater than 500 have been carried out by our center in collaboration with outside researchers in medicine.

In 2008, accelerator-based BNCT system (AB-BNCT system) was constructed in KURRI.  Using this system, clinical trials of BNCT for recurrent malignant brain tumors and head and neck tumors have been started since October in 2012 and April in 2014, respectively.  Development of an AB-BNCT system is an important first step for a future in which BNCT will be available in the hospital equipped with AB-BNCT system.

The mission of this division is to make BNCT a safe and effective treatment option for the patients suffering for refractory or recurrent tumors.  The main practical and research subjects are as follows;

1)    Clinical trial using AB-BNCT system.

2)    RB-BNCT for common cancer

3)    Research on effect of BNCT for normal organs or tissues.


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