Particle Radiation Biology


  • MASUNAGA, Shin-ichiro e-mail: smasuna<atmark>

Associate Professor

  • TANO, Keizo  e-mail: tano<atmark>

Assistant Professor

  • SANADA, Yu e-mail: sanada<atmark>

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For supporting the development of cancer therapy, we are carrying out basic research in biology, bioscience and medical science, especially focusing on BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) that have been performed at KURRI actively for these twenty years. Our research highlights are on: DNA repair and intracellular mechanism, evaluation of anticancer treatment through detecting the susceptibility of solid tumors, impact on distant metastases through controlling local tumor, screening for newly-developed boron capture agents for BNCT, and so forth. At KURRI, some researchers in the field of engineering or chemistry are studying on biological matter. Based on the current status of our research backgrounds, we also have a plan to collaborate them to launch a new project for searching novel scientific findings on BNCT.