Visitor Information

Important Information

Visa Information

Participants who are not citizens of visa-exemption countries are required to obtain proper visas. Please consult the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan nearest you for more information. The EPICS 2017 team is now under preparation for providing an invitation letter if you need it for your visa application.

Security Policy in KURRI

Our institute requires any visitor to show a vaild ID with photo at the entrance due to its higher security control as a nuclear reactor facility. You may use your passport as the ID. The residents in Japan may use your driver's license as well.

Meals at KURRI

Some Japanese-style restaurants are available around KURRI with the price ranging from 500 to 1000 yen. You can also buy breads, salads, drinks, snacks and other common foods at the convenience store located just across the road. We plan to offer a Japanese-style lunch box service during the meeting with fee. Further notice will be made for the reservation of lunch box. Please allow we do not meet your special requests for your meal (such as vegetarian, vegan, Halal etc.) due to the lack of suppliers for such meals around KURRI.

Network Service at KURRI

Those who have their eduroam accounts enjoy wi-fi connections through eduroam service at the meeting site in KURRI. Please prepare your eduroam account prior to visiting KURRI. Alternatively, temporary accounts can be issued for participants at the meeting site upon request. Please consult the registration desk during the collaboration meeting.

Meeting Site

EPICS 2017 meeting will be held at Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, located in Kumatori-town, southern part in Osaka prefecture. You wil enjoy a very nice access to Kansai International Airport.


2-1010 Asashironishi, Kumatori, Osaka, 590-0494 Japan

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