The closest station to Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University (KURNS) is JR Kumatori Station.

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From Kumatori Station


  • Time: approx. 10 minutes or longer
  • Cost: 170yen
  • Route:
    1. JR Kumatori Station (Nankai Bus)
    2. Genshiryoku Kenkyusyo mae (Nankai Bus for Osaka Taiikudaigaku mae)

Local Taxis

  • Time: approx. 8 minutes or longer
  • Cost: approx. 900yen

Taxi ranks are located at JR Kumatori Station.


  • Time: approx. 30 minutes

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From Kansai International Airport (KIX)

  • Time: approx. 20 minutes
  • Cost: 460yen
  • Route:
    1. Kansai International Airport (KIX)
    2. Kansai Airport Station(JR Airport Rapid Service)
    3. Kumatori Station

From Osaka International (Itami) Airport (ITM)

  • Time: approx. 90 minutes, depending upon traffic conditions
  • Cost: approx. 1200yen
  • Route:
    1. Osaka International Airport (ITM)
    2. Limousine Bus for Abenobashi (Tennoji)
    3. Tennoji Station(JR Hanwa Line)
    4. Kumatori Station

From Shin-Osaka Station

  • Time: approx. 60 minutes or longer
  • Cost: 800yen
  • Route:
    1. Shin-Osaka Station(JR Line)
    2. Tennoji Station(JR Hanwa Line)
    3. Kumatori Station

From Kyoto University

  • Time: approx. 120 minutes or longer
  • Cost: 1100yen
  • Route:
    1. Demachi-yanagi Station(Keihan Main Line)
    2. Kyobashi Station(JR Loop Line)
    3. Tennoji Station(JR Hanwa Line)
    4. Kumatori Station