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KAKENHI Reports 2008-

Karpan N. "First days of the Chernobyl accident. Private experience"
Russian version
English version
Japanese version

Skaletsky Yu. "Doses of emergency exposure to the USSR Navy personnel"

Tykhyy V. "Atomic Physics and Atomic Industries in Ukraine"

Malko V. "History of radiation and nuclear disasters in the former USSR"

Imanaka T., Kawano N. "Radioactive Contamination and Social Consequences Caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident"

Previous Chernobyl Reports

@Many-sided Approach to the Realities of the Chernobyl NPP AccidentFSumming-up of the Consequences of the Accident Twenty Years After (II) - KURRI-KR-139 (May 2008)

Recent Research Activities about the Chernobyl NPP Accident in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, KUR-KR-79 (July 2002)

Research Activities about the Radiological Consequences of the Chernobyl NPS Accident and Social Activities to Assist the Sufferers by the Accident, KUR-KR-21 (March 1998)

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