Head Office of Academic Information

This office supports the institute in information-related aspects. It has mainly three duties interrelated with each other.
1) Database of academic information: For example, the office maintains the information of research papers published by the staff members and through joint researches with researchers outside the institute. The library is a constituent unit of the office. Meeting the multidisciplinary character of the institute, it possesses a wide variety of research journals, books, and other documents, especially, related to nuclear science and engineering.
2) IT support: the office provides the platform for the website of the institute, and is making complicated paper works in the institute more IT based. Through the computer network, electronic journals and databases subscribed by Kyoto University are also available.
3) Public relations: the office introduces to the public the activities of the institute through web pages, by issuing several kinds of brochures and research reports, and by holding open lecture meetings, open campus, and also science schools.