Technical Staff Office

The Technical Staff Office is in charge of the operation and the maintenance of large facilities such as the Kyoto University Reactor(KUR) and the Kyoto University Critical Assembly (KUCA), as well as related facilities like Hot Laboratory, Tracer Laboratory, Electron Linear Accelerator etc.. The Radiation Control Section and the Radioactive Waste Management Section are mainly managed by staff members in collaboration with some researchers. The technical support to researchers, and the design, introduction and maintenance of the network system in the KURRI, are also included in their activities. The Machine Shop belongs to the Technical Staff Office and undertakes manufacture of requested experimental equipment, supply of materials and instruction of machine work. Young staff members join the FFAG team since 2003 to develop technical capacity in addition to routine work mentioned above.

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Staff List

General Manager

  • MINAMI, Kaoru (Concurrent)¬†Group Chief

Group Chiefs

  • OONO, Kazuomi
  • YOSHINO, Hirofumi
  • ZHANG, Jian

Subgroup Chiefs

  • FUJIHARA, Yasuyuki
  • TAKESHITA, Tomoyoshi
  • OKUMURA, Ryou
  • YOSHINAGA, Hisao
  • HASEGAWA, Kiyoshi
  • ABE, Naoya
  • KURIHARA, Kouta
  • FUJIWARA, Keiko

Senior Staff Members

  • HIRAI, Yasuhiro
  • YAMADA, Tatsuya
  • MAKI, Daisuke
  • NAKAMORI, Akira

Technical Staff Members

  • IINUMA, Yuto
  • INO, Yuta
  • IMOTO, Haruka
  • OGINO, Shinya
  • KANAYAMA, Masaya
  • MIYAKE, Tomohiro
  • TANAKA, Yoshiaki
  • MARUYAMA, Naoya
  • KOBAYASHI, Norika
  • UEDA, Tetsuya