Particle Radiation Oncology


  • SUZUKI, Minoru e-mail: suzuki.minoru.3x<atmark>

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  • KONDO, Natsuko e-mail: kondo.natsuko.3x<atmark>

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  • TAMARI, Yuki e-mail: tamari.yuki.8m<atmark>
  • KO, Naonori  e-mail: ko.naonori.7z<atmark>
  • IMAMICHI, Syoji  e-mail: imamichi.shoji.2n<atmark>

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Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) has a unique feature which can deliver tumor-cell selective heavy-particle irradiation (Fig.1). At our institute, clinical studies on BNCT for malignant glioma and head and neck cancers using an accelerator based BNCT (Fig.2) have been carried out since 2012. The mission of our division is to carry out preclinical BNCT studies and to apply tumor-cell selective heavy-particle irradiation to radiation biology studies.

The mission of this division is to make BNCT a safe and effective treatment option for the patients suffering for refractory or recurrent tumors. The main practical and research subjects are as follows;

1)    Clinical trial using AB-BNCT system.

2)    RB-BNCT for common cancer.

3)    Research on effect of BNCT for normal organs or tissues.

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