Hot Laboratory

Hot Laboratory is an auxiliary experimental facility for the research reactor, which is built connectedly with the reactor room. In this facility, various post-irradiation examinations, radiochemical analysis, and other related chemical treatments are safely carried out.

Hot Cave Room

Highly activated materials, 185 TBq of maximum radioactivity, can be safely treated in three heavy-shielded hot cells (A, B, and C-cell) equipped with remote-controlled devices and manipulators. Samples irradiated by hydraulic conveyer system or long-period irradiation device can be transferred from the reactor core through a canal into A-cell, and disassembling of the samples and pretreatment for post-irradiation experiment are carried out in the cell. Mössbauer spectrometry using various short-lived nuclides produced by neutron irradiation in KUR is available in B-cell. Irradiation test for LSI circuits of artificial satellites can be performed using Cf-252 spontaneous fission source in a vacuum chamber in C-cell. Stations for the pneumatic capsule transfer system for the irradiation at the core (Pn-1) and the thermal column (TC-Pn) are located in this room. Heavy-ion irradiation facility, which uses Hill-Nelson type spattering ion gun for ion source, is placed in this room for studying the elementary process of radiation damage of metals and semiconductors. Irradiation with heavy ions from nitrogen to tungsten at 80 keV is possible by this facility.

hl_1 hl_2

Hot cell

Mössbauer spectromete

Junior Cave Room

Chemical experiments and sample preparation using nuclear fuel materials, trans-uranium and α-active nuclides are available in chemical hood and glove boxes. Station for the pneumatic capsule transfer system (Pn-2) is located in this room. By use of the lead-shielded cell for receiving irradiated capsule, this bench can handle with highly irradiated samples.

Junior Cave Room

Semi-hot Laboratory (Laboratory 1-3)

Three rooms are used for the treatment of the radioactive samples irradiated by the reactor. Radiochemical treatments are conducted using various types of draft chamber and glove box. Station for the pneumatic capsule transfer system (Pn-3) is located at Lab.-1. ICP mass spectrometer is placed in a clean room installed in Lab.-3, and this is used for the analysis of trace elements in samples.

Instrumental Analysis Room

For various physical and chemical analysis, instrumental analysis devices are installed in this room. ICP-AES, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Powder X-ray Diffractometer, and Scanning Electron Microscope are installed.

Radiation Measurement Room and Dark Room

This room is equipped with γ-ray detectors and multi-channel pulse height analyzers. They are used for activation analysis and other radiochemical assessments. Dark room is used for SEM/EDX analysis and γ-ray spectrometry.

Cryogen Service Room and workshop

Cryogens (liquid helium and nitrogen), which are necessary for low temperature experiments, are supplied from this room. Cryostats are used for the stable supply of cryogens. This room also has a function as a workshop for the maintenance of experimental devices, and is equipped with machine tools, such as lathe turning machine, milling machine, and drilling machine. From this workshop, parts, accessories, and components, are supplied to the researchers, and other various supports are provided.
Ge detector